What Online Casino is Legit?

Out of the many sites open on the market, what online casino is legit? Here we provide information of casino legalities and the top 10 sites to join.

The question of what online casino is legal raises many points. Which casino can you trust? What makes an online casino legitimate? Can you win real money from an online casino? Here we explore all the legal avenues surrounding online gambling sites that are open to the South African market.

Gambling Online in South Africa

When it comes to gambling online in South Africa, the markets didn’t actually peak till 2019, prior to that, the progression of online websites was slow and tentative. The laws in South Africa do not ban gambling online, it is not illegal and in fact, the laws are quite clear, that since 2011, players are able to gamble online as long as the casino was registered outside of the South African borders.

These laws are pretty much universal, the same issue stands for players in America, Canada, New Zealand and many other places, where the government do not want to be seen accountable for the taboo of gambling within their nation’s population, but are willing to take annual payments from sites which have the legal backing to provide their services indirectly.

At this site, you can read more on this and discover a list of casinos that have all been approved legally for South African players to join because they adhere to the nation’s laws on online gambling.

There’s No Gamble with a Legal Casino

All the best casinos are never found to be registered within the country they are marketed to. Every one of the top casinos online that are classed as SA casinos are actually also available to players in other countries. These casinos just happen to be able to provide a ZAR service and meet the legal obligations when it comes to gambling law.

There are, however, casinos specifically built for the SA market, even though they are built and registered in Europe for the most part. Now, it may sound odd, but this is a standard practice that has been within the industry since it formed over 15-years ago.

There is no need for caution because regardless of where a casino registers their business, they are still legally approved entities that are licensed by governing bodies to trade as a gambling operator online. These casinos are also regulated by independent authorities that test and check all levels of service within the casino from safety to gaming. By using the links provided and gaining access to these options, eliminates any risk of you joining an illegal site or one which is not legally authorised to trade to players based in the region of South Africa.

How Casinos Get Online

The process of idea to online launch for a casino can be an experience that takes a number of years to achieve. Casinos aren’t knocked up overnight and placed on the Internet. Before the site is built it has to obtain the license, which can take longer than building the platform. Once a site is licensed, the business can be registered and built. Upon completion of the build, the casino is then checked by regulators who are independent bodies of the industry and are government compliant in their duties.

The product of an online casino could not go through a more stringent process of legal measures if it tried and this is way licensed online casinos are one of the more legitimate services you are likely to find on the world-wide-web.

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